Hungry in Svolvær?

Svolvær offers many opportunities for a good meal. All the restaurants are centrally located and easily accessible.

On the square and quayside in Svolvær you will find, for example, the popular Nordis Restaurant Svolvær. With a varied and large menu. Here you get classics such as grilled stockfish, fish soup and lamb shank of Lofoten lamb. But also pizza, burgers and pasta.

Grillet Tørrfisk Nordis Restaurant Svolvær

Try the Grilled Stockfish
- Nordis Restaurant

With a fantastic location at Svolvær square and right on the quayside, you can enjoy good food and drink in spectacular surroundings. Here you will be served lunch, dishes based on local ingredients, pizza, pasta and burgers. The restaurant also has vegetarian dishes.

Nordis Restaurant Svolvær