Welcome to Fast Hotels
Practical information

Here you will find practical information about Fast Hotels and how our hotel concept works.

For example: Did you know that Fast Hotel does not have a reception? All check-in and check-out is automatic and super easy.
Further down the page you will find answers to some typical questions from our guests.
Can’t find an answer to what you’re wondering? Send us an email or call us!  

About Fast Hotels

  • We have no reception/receptionists. You will receive a key code by email/SMS on the day you check in and as soon as the room is ready. Easily.
  • We know that what you like and use the most, you have with you on your mobile phone, PC or tablet. That is why we have ditched the TV in the room. Instead, you get access to fast internet, so you can stream your favorite series all night, check the news or publish a story from Lofoten on Instagram – absolutely FREE.
  • A good bed and a good night’s sleep are the most important things for guests. We never skimp on the beds, they must be of the highest quality!
  • You should feel comfortable when you stay with us. All rooms are tastefully and practically furnished with a chair, writing desk and fridge, pegs to hang clothes on and good bathrooms with showers (some have bathtubs).
  • Checking out is an outdated concept with us. You pack up and leave by 12 the day of departure – just as quickly, easily and without queues as when you arrived. Thank you for visiting and welcome back to Fast Hotels!

Company deal

Of course you can sign a company agreement with us!

We make the hotel stay as simple and cheap as possible – without compromising on comfort. Our rooms are equipped with good and practical desks for PC work. In addition, separate business lounges have been established in connection with the common areas, where guests can sit comfortably and work in peace and quiet.

Our company agreements are based on a stair step model where more room days give a better price. We guarantee the best price of the hotels at the destination. Our company customers get their own discount code.

We also offer extra services such as dining and experiences. Fast Hotels collaborates with several restaurants and event companies.

Get in touch if you want a company agreement:
Email: stay@fasthotels.no
Tel: +47 948 948 06

Q & A

Here you will find the answers to most questions that our guests usually ask.
Can’t find the answer to your question here? Feel free to send us an email stay@fasthotels.no

— In most cases, it can be done. Contact us at stay@fasthotels.no as soon as you see that you want to extend your stay. You will need a new door code when the original stay ends.

– “Check-in” is an obsolete concept with us. Once you receive the code for the door, you can go straight to the room – whenever you want.

— Free, fast and stable internet is included with Fast Hotels. Click “connect” and enjoy.

– If you need more, contact us by SMS or email by 16, and we’ll fix it. Email: stay@fasthotels.no, SMS: +47 948 948 06

— You pack up and leave whenever you want by 12.00 the day of departure – just as quickly, easily and without queues as when you arrived.

— Yes, all rooms are paid when you book/before you arrive at the hotel. If the room has not been paid for, you will not receive the access code for the room.

— The room is cleaned when the guest ends their stay. For long-term stays, it is washed weekly by our staff. Extra washing can be selected when ordering, or arranged in advance via: stay@fasthotels.no

— Send an email to stay@fasthotels.no if you have booked directly with us. If you have used an external booking solution (e.g. booking.com), you must contact them directly.

— No problem, send an email to stay@fasthotels.no and we will put an extra bed in the room for a small addition to the price.

— As soon as the room is ready (no later than 3pm on the day of arrival), you will receive an SMS/email with the key code for the room.
PS! If you have booked via booking.com or similar sites, you may need to log in to their site to access the check-in information sent to you.